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For over twenty years, The Piano Education Page has been a free, one-stop, public service resource for teachers, students, parents of students, and fans of the piano. PEP, named "World's Best Website on Piano" has won more than fifty awards for its more than 1000 pages of unique and original content.

Now, you can get an enlarged and augmented, full-text, graphics and multimedia version of The Piano Education Page on a convenient Windows or Macintosh CD-ROM, which you can enjoy offline at any time and in anyplace that suits you, even when you can't reach the online site. Owners of the PEP CD can keep their CD current with free, downloadable upgrades available only to registered owners.

Whether you're a piano or music teacher, student, parent of a student, or fan of the piano, you'll find the PEP CD crammed with useful, fun, and valuable information that will save you money and time.

To learn more about the The Piano Education Page on CD or to order, please visit the PEP on CD site.


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