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Created: November 23, 2005;
Last Updated: February 23, 2014

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For nearly twenty years, The Piano Education Page has been an ad-free, one-stop resource for teachers, students, parents of students, and fans of the piano. PEP, named "World's Best Website on Piano" in 2007, has won more than fifty awards for its unique and original content.

Now, you can get an enlarged, full-text, graphics and video version of The Piano Education Page on a convenient Windows or Macintosh CD-ROM, which you can enjoy offline at any time and in anyplace that suits you, even when the online site is down for maintenance. Whether you're a piano or music teacher, student, parent of a student, or fan of the piano, you'll find the PEP CD crammed with useful, fun, and valuable information that will help you progress in learning the piano and save you money and time.

Beyond what you can get from the online version of The Piano Education Page, the PEP CD gives you:

  • the complete text of all the articles, not just abstracts of them
  • all Teaching Studio articles, indispensable for teachers
  • all the musical graphics,
  • all the Meet the Composer Interviews,
  • all the tips for students and parents
  • all the over 700 links to piano and music related Internet sites (Internet connection required)
  • the entire Just for Kids section of the site, including all the special Tips for Kids
  • access to the over 600 music files in The Audition Room and Listening List and Composer Resource pages
  • The Piano Education Page en Español for Spanish speakers
  • an expanded license for reproduction of the CD's contents for educational purposes
  • free access to periodic updates
  • and much, much more!

The PEP CD comes in two versions, Standard and Plus. Both versions have the expanded full text content of The Piano Education Page and The Piano Education Page en Español for Spanish speakers. Installation of the Spanish version is optional, but comes with the CD. The Plus version, for teachers of piano, also includes a fully licensed version of The Studio Pack, a set of templates for critical piano studio documents (e.g. studio policy, computer lab policy, student manual and resource guide and more), offered at a substantial discount over the separate prices of the PEP CD and The Studio Pack. Either version of the PEP CD will put The Piano Education Page on your desktop all the time. The cost of the PEP CD and PEP CD Plus may be tax-deductible expenditures for piano teachers with teaching studios.

If you would like to have complete and unfettered access to ALL The Piano Education Page's considerable resources including content not available online, the PEP CD and PEP CD Plus are the only ways to get it. Order now!